Hearing Colors Seeing Noises (2016) – order CD & LP


All words and music by Signe Marie Rustad.

Signe Marie Rustad Vocals/Acoustic guitar (tracks 1,2,3,4,9)/Acoustic high-strung guitar (tracks 6,8)/Electric guitar (track 7) • Annar By Electric guitars (tracks 3,4,5,7,9)/12-string acoustic guitar (tracks 4,5)/Banjo (track 9)/Vocals (tracks 2,3,4,5)/Fiddle (track 4) • Bjørge Verbaan Piano (tracks 1,6,8)/Wurlitzer (tracks 3,7,9) • Dagfin Hjorth Hovind 12-string acoustic guitar (track 2)/Slide guitar (track 2)/Baritone guitar (track 3) • Alexander Lindbäck Drums (tracks 4,5,7)/Percussion (tracks 3,4) • Geir Digernes Drums (tracks 3,9) • Njål Uhre Kiese Bass (tracks 4,5,7)/Vocals (track 3) • Anders Mossberg Bass (tracks 3,9) • Marcus ForsgrenPercussion (track 9)/Synthesizer (tracks 1,6,8,9) • Krister Skadsdammen Pedal steel guitar (track 5)

Mixed by Alexander Lindbäck in Safe & Sound Studio, with the exception of The Space Song, mixed by Nick Terry.
Mastered by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering.
Cover & photography by Marthe Amanda Vannebo.

Business Going Down, Mexican Standoff, You Belong to the City, The Truth, Pizmotie Deciphering, The Crystal Horse is a Liar & The Space Song recorded by Marcus Forsgren in Studio Paradiso. Produced by Marcus Forsgren & Signe Marie Rustad.

Hey Love & Hearing Colors Seeing Noises recorded by Emil Kraugerud at University of Oslo. Additional recordings by Alexander Lindbäck in Safe & Sound Studio. Produced by Alexander Lindbäck, Annar By, Njål Uhre Kiese, Bjørge Verbaan & Signe Marie Rustad.


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