Norwegian-American singer/songwriter Signe Marie Rustad was born and raised on a farm in central Norway, where the forest, river and fields have filled her with a deep calmness and never-ending restlessness. As a result, many of her songs carry within them a search for a balance between these elements. In 2012 she debuted with the album “Golden Town” – the title a reference to her mother’s hometown Golden, Colorado – produced by Haakon Gebhardt (Motorpsycho), and caught the attention of the growing Americana-loving audience in Norway. In 2013, she brought her music to the US, playing eight shows as a duo with her musical partner in crime, Annar By.

With her second album “Hearing Colors Seeing Noises”, released in September 2016, she received her first Spellemann (Norwegian Grammy) – nomination. Co-producer Marcus Forsgren (Jaga Jazzist/The Lionheart Brothers) fulfilled a longtime dream of Rustad’s by recording most of the album on analogue tape. With this album, she takes a step to the side of the traditional straight-forward-Americana present on her debut, venturing into areas of psychedelia using space echo, reverb and backwards guitar on some songs, while keeping it close to the folky bone with only her voice and high-strung guitar on other tracks. The poetic feel ascribed to “Golden Town” by critics is even more present on “Hearing Colors Seeing Noises”, with poetry and music tightly entwined. Its’ first single, “The Space Song”, is one of the epic pieces on the album. Stretching over 7 minutes, it is a song about longing and incompatibility. Second single, “The Truth”, is a piece of eloquent folk-rock, sending more than just a nod to the British Isles.

Rustad has since the release of “Hearing Colors Seeing Noises” toured Norway extensively and is presently recording her third album, set to be released early 2019.